Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 !

Wow its 2012 and I havent posted anything yet!

I guess I better get working....

Watch this space :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Projects

Don't ask me why but a lot of my friends are having babies soon and I am knitting baby items left, right and centre. They are cute and easy to make and I get slightly clucky making them but not clucky enough to actually go ahead and produce more offspring.

I made this cardi and hat for Karyn's baby Tabitha
 "In Threes" by Kelly Herdrich

Modified "Baby Beanie" by Sublime Yarns

And I just finished a vest for My friend Michelle's baby caleb
"Milo" by Georgie Hallam

He's also got a "Wee Leafy Baby Hat" by Pamela Wynne

and I am making a matching "Adam" Vest By Georgie Hallam with the same yarn.

I then get to make a Vintage Baby Matinee Jacket for another friend who is due in six weeks
so watch this space.....
I have another couple of friends due in early 2012 so plenty more baby items to make.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hawkes Bay A & P Show Entries

I entered three items this year, it was a mammoth effort to get these in on time! I am going to plan my entries better for next year.

1.'Flower Bud Beanie' by Wendy Neal, knitted in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn, colour Homemade Jam
This was entered into the 50g ball class but did not place, I personally thought it was my best entry.
2. 'In Threes: A Baby Cardigan' by Kelly Herdrich, knitted in Malabrigo Rios Yarn, colour Purpuras
This was entered into the childs garment class and placed 2nd
3. 'Be Joyful'  by Melissa Simpson, knitted in Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight yarn in colourway Pistachio and some leftovers for the colourwork. I used the chart from: for the flower.

entered into the Alpaca section, acccessories class, did not place (not surprisingly because its ugh!)


Wash Cloths

I have been hit by a washcloth bug....
they are a great way of trying new patterns and still having something useful at the end
here's some I've done in the last few months

the last one was made with an unknown mystery ball of Lily Sugar 'n Cream that I received in a swap, it was hand balled and I didnt realise it was self striping.
The pattern was made up as I went along:

Jennie's Washcloth

Using 5mm needles, Cast on 44sts
knit 2 rows
k3, (YO, K2tog, k1) repeat to last three sts k3
The next four rows form the pattern:
Row 1: purl
Row 2: knit
Row 3: purl
Row 4: k3, YO, K2tog, Knit to last 3 sts, YO, K2Tog, K2
repeat these 4 rows of the pattern to 1 inch from desired length
k3, (YO, K2tog, k1) repeat to last three sts k3
Knit two rows
Cast off

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knitting Challenges for 2011

Well I have set myself a goal to learn the following techniques / make these items in 2011:
  • Make some Adult Socks - 2 at a time Magic Loop
  • Make something with Cables
  • Make something using Lace work eg. shawl / wrap
  • Make myself  a Sweater
  • Knit up a few of my "vintage" patterns
  • Recycle/reclaim yarn from an old sweater and make a new item for one of the girls
I also intend to publish more free patterns this year, I have a few in progress and just need to chart them out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 - Eek It's Here Already!

Well I humbly apologise for not having posted since August 2010....
I am making my New Years resolution to make at least one post every month.

So whats new here....

I am back at work - I decided to go back part-time as a Contractor which suits me well. The happy medium : 20 hours a week at work provides Adult conversations and brain stimulus but I also have time to spend with the kids!

Alice is no longer a baby! She's a Toddler and is walking, she turned 1 in November
Cara is growing up even faster and is almost four!

Here are a couple of Knitting acheivements from 2010:

I won third Prize in the Hawkes Bay A&P Show for this Bulky Kids Tunic.

I completed my first Intarsia Project

I tried to learn Crochet for the edging of my first earflap hat

I dyed my own yarn

I started making Stitchmarkers

And Project Bags

I made many items this year and increased my knitting knowledge by 1000%, I made a ton of new knitting friends via Ravelry and in the HB knitting Group. I look forward to what 2011 brings.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leggies - Free Legwarmer Pattern

Well as you know I bought some lovely hand dyed merino sock yarn from Tash at Knitsch and I decided to make some legwarmers for my youngest daughter. I tried a couple of patterns out in other yarns first but wasnt really happy with them because she's a big girl for an 8 month old and didnt fit 6 month sizing or the 1 year sizing of patterns I found. So, I decided to design my own pattern and here it is:


Size: 9 Months
Yarn: fingering weight sock yarn
Needles: 3.25mm circulars, 80cm length
Abbreviations: k = Knit, p = Purl, m = Make

Pattern Instructions:
Cast on 44sts, Join and work in the round using the Magic Loop technique,
Work 8 rounds in 1x1 Twisted rib (Knit into the back of the stitch)
Then switch to stocking stitch and work 25 rounds
Next round Increase: k1, m1, k to last stitch, m1, k1  (46 sts on needles)
Then work 15 rounds in stocking stitch
Repeat increase round (48 sts)
Work a further 10 rounds in stocking stitch
Repeat increase round (50 sts)
Work a further 10 rounds in stocking stitch
Repeat increase round (52 sts)
Switch to 1x1 Twisted rib and work 8 rounds
Cast off in rib
Weave in ends.

Notes: if you want a tighter weave and slightly smaller size you should use size 3mm needles

This pattern is the intellectual property of Jennie Kuzman and is copyright protected. You may use this pattern to make items for your personal use only - not for commercial gain.